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Copyright on cartoons made live.

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Included in the price :
the right to use the cartoons
in any publication
closely related to the event.

What rights will you have as regards the live drawings?

You will have ample rights to use the drawings within a defined context, i.e. related to the event. It may be possible to extend these rights, partially or totally, where appropriate.

With regard to drawings produced 'live', it is appropriate to distinguish between limited and extensive (Note: this distinction is personal and does not relate to any legal provisions).

Restricted rights (included in the package) refer to the rights of reproduction for internal use closely related to the event. They are assigned, i.e., included in the basic service fee. This is convenient because it gives you free rein to use the cartoons in your reports, web pages, company magazine articles, etc. as long as this use is closely and exclusively linked to the event itself.

Extended rights (optional) refer to rights of reproduction for use outside of the strict event framework, e.g. in a more general article, a poster, something published several months after the meeting, an advertising campaign or a slide show, etc. Unless otherwise stated, these rights are not included in the initial offer and are subject to the author's explicit consent. Full and definitive assignment of all reproduction rights may be envisaged in advance or after the event.

Who owns the live drawings?

The original drawings remain the property of the author, unless you choose the option to 'purchase originals'. Nevertheless, the author will retain moral ownership, i.e. it will not be permissible to do absolutely anything you want with the drawings!

When we talk about the ownership of drawings, we must distinguish between physical property and intellectual property (Note: these are legal concepts).

Physical property

Ownership of the original drawing, made up of paper and colour, i.e. the physical, tangible object. I usually keep my live drawings unless my client chooses to buy them all (for a fixed amount, agreed in advance or after the event) or a selection (to give as souvenirs, for example). A word of warning: giving or selling an original does not equate to a total or partial assignment of the rights to its reproduction, since these come under intellectual property.

Intellectual property

This is a more complex concept which itself includes an economic component (consisting of reproduction and representation rights, grouped together under the term 'right of use') and a moral component (including the right of disclosure, the right of authorship, the right of withdrawal and, finally, the right to the integrity of the work).

Economic rights

These are transferable and have a limited duration. In our case (independently from the selling or giving of the originals, i.e., the physical work), I retain the right to use the drawings produced live, unless we explicitly agree to a partial or total assignment of the author's rights, as set out on the invoice. This is the subject of the agreement for the acquisition of restricted rights and the option for 'assignment of extended rights'.

Moral rights

These are restricted, inalienable and imprescriptible. In practice, this means that, whoever has the original, and whatever the extent to which reproduction rights have been assigned, I remain the author of my work and can disseminate it (except if they contain confidential information) and withdraw its use. As a consequence, any alteration, distortion, misappropriation, plagiarism, publication without the signature or outside of the scope provided for, etc., is forbidden.


Who is responsible for the consequences of the distribution of an artwork?
During the performance, I fully assume my responsibility regarding the reaction of the audience. On the consequences of the diffusion and the publication of the cartoons, the editor is responsible.


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