Signature Aster cartoonist

Equipment for the live cartoon performance

idea Aster
I usually deal with theses aspects directly with the technician.


Desired equipment

For the cartoonist

- A workspace measuring around 1 sq m, either in the control room or, preferably, discreetly situated in the room itself (at the side, back, on stage or in the wings - to be agreed), in a place from where I can see the speakers.
- An electric connection with 2 sockets
- A visual or intercom connection with the event director (unless the cartoonist is to manage the integration of the drawings himself)
- A quick, simple means of communication between the PC sources (transmitting the slides) and the animation stand (my drawings): switch, commutator, video projector remote control)

Note: When working in a closed control room, an audio feed of the main room (captured by an ambient mic) will give the cartoonist a sense of the audience's reaction... Getting a feel for the general atmosphere is important, since the cartoonist will feed off positive feedback such as laughter and applause.

For the speakers
- A comfort monitor allowing them to see that a drawing is being projected (e.g. the same back screen as is used for their PowerPoint presentations).

idea Aster In 2 clics, forward my equipment requirements to th technicien or stage manager :
Visualizer VZ8-plus
Aster's setting

Additional equipment available

I can provide the following, upon request :

- A 2 input / 2 output VGA switch (ref: Extron SW2 VGA DA2 Auto Switch)
- A 2m x 1.60m projection screen (*)
- An Acer 5000 lumens projector (*)
- VGA, video or s-Video cables (5m, 10m, 15m)

(*) (*) Services in Belgium and border areas only

Position in the conference room

Position of the caricaturist in the room- 1
The cartoonist is in a corner of the room
Position of the caricaturist in the room- 2
The cartoonist works on stage
Position of the caricaturist in the room- 3
The cartoonist is in the audience
Position of the caricaturist in the room- 4
The cartoonist is in the control room


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