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Contact me by e-mail at adresse-mail aster or, quite simply, by phone on +32 80 64 32 08 (mobile: +32 475 33 71 24). We can get to know each other, and I will explain my prices and way of working. I will then put together an official quote.


There are no prices given online, but I will be happy to send you an e-mail setting out my rates in detail. These are given by the half-day, full day and evening, and adapted to take into account any travel required. To ensure that you are able to access this service at the best possible price, I advise you to visit the page .

Information required for the quote

In your e-mail or on the phone, please provide me with:

- The exact venue and date, plus an idea of the start and end times (1/2 day? full day? several days?)
- Very briefly: the type of event, audience profile or number of participants
- The type of service desired, i.e.: live drawing, on-the-spot caricatures, other types of drawings (invitations? mascot? etc.). Will there be a workshop session?
- The official contact and billing details (official name and address) and, most importantly, for companies, your EU VAT number! In France, EU VAT numbers consist of FR + 11 digits (2 digit key + the company's SIREN 9-digit number). They must come up as valid on the EU VIES website (
- The payment terms. I provide for a 15-day payment period. After this timeframe, a surcharge is applied.

My quote can be used as an order form, since it includes all the necessary details: if you wish to book the service, all you need to do is sign it and send it back to me.

How to get the best price (in French)

Preparing for 'live' intervention

Please read the following information to facilitate our working together: The artistic performance of 'live drawing', also called 'visual scribing' and 'live cartooninggraphic facilitation', is based on improvisation on the day itself, but also on an understanding of the event and a certain level of preparation. To optimise my output, I invite you to send me the following information (if you have not already done so, and provided it is readily available) :

- The event name (+ slogan, aim, description...)
- The event venue, address and possibly access plan
- The start and end times (as precise as possible), plus the agenda/programme
- The names and addresses of the contact people on the day and during my preparation
- The names and positions of the most important speakers
- A good-quality company logo (and event logo)
- The PowerPoint presentations or other supporting documentation
- Any potentially useful jargon

I undertake to familiarise myself with the company and will ask for the contact details of a technician or the stage manager on the day to fine-tune any technical aspects with them and/or the facilitator.
I usually organise a telephone briefing a few days before the performance.

Service provision

I will arrive early, connect my camera and set myself up in the control room, or in a discreet corner of the room, in audio or visual contact with the event director. I will talk to the organisers, speakers and presenter to ensure that we are all on the same wavelength and to deal with anything unexpected. It is a good idea to have somebody from the organisation sit beside me to quickly answer my questions, explain any acronyms and validate the appropriateness of the drawings. I will then be ready to go!

We will have agreed in advance the pace of my interventions: either during the speeches themselves, after the presentations (conclusion effect) or during changes of speaker (transition effect). It is important to have a good means of technical transition between the speakers' PowerPoint sources and my camera (via a switch), as well as a comfort monitor so they can see that there is a drawing being shown to the audience. It is also a good idea to introduce the cartoonist, so that people understand where the illustrations are coming from, and feel at ease to react.

The organisers of events such as conferences, forums, etc. usually conduct post-event follow-up work. It is indeed useful to take stock, send a report to the participants, ensure that the event is covered by the internal press, etc. The cartoons produced 'live' at the event can contribute to providing a good summary. They are also a good source of iconographic data. There will be no additional charge for the use of drawings produced and billed for in publications linked to the event, provided that this does not exceed a specific pre-defined framework.

What does a 'CartoonEvent' package include?

The intervention on the day of the event, plus all the preparation and travel time.

Immediate availability of the originals
If the conditions allow, I will immediately scan the drawings after my live intervention. They will be ready for use and can be included in any reports straight away, while the originals can be given directly to the speakers who have just been sketched. Time saving and better follow-up..
idée! Sending referenced drawings in high definition
I will re-work the drawings at home and add a little phrase recalling the context. I will send the organisers a link to download the drawings in high resolution (17cm 300 dpi JPG). The use of these drawings in communications as part of the event is free of charge! This helps to emphasise certain messages and bring the event to life!
idée! Creating a web page)
Participants will ask: "Do you have the cartoons drawn live by Aster?" To enable you to answer in the affirmative, without wasting your time searching for each specific drawing requested, I will create a (hidden, confidential) Web page where authorised visitors can view 'light' versions of the drawings (e.g. in a slide show) and download them.
idée! A limited copyright on the drawingss
Oui, ce droit est acquis sans frais supplémentaire pour toute forme de publication directement et étroitement lié à l'évènement : compte-rendu, page Intranet, publication dans la presse interne, recueil...


Option: production of illustrations prior to the event
Why not use drawings to enhance your communications prior to the event? This can be a good 'teaser' and encourage participants to prepare well for the event: invitation cartoon, creation of a mascot, drawings to introduce the main themes, illustration of innovative projects (with the drawings presented as a reward, for example), etc. See here examples


Option: creation of a compendium
I can make a compendium of the drawings on request. There will be no additional copyright charge to pay, just the formatting fees. I will send you the PDF file ready to be printed, or I can take care of the printing and send the finished compendium to your head office.



Avec la cliente, responsable d'une agence d'évènement
The cartoonist with the organizer of Aveva Day 2010.

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