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All the benefits of live cartoons

Idea of the cartoonist
The best advantage :
The cartoon doesn't require a special time range in the program.


Like the illustrations contained in written communications, live cartooning using caricatures allows you to:

  • Enhance the content put across in an original manner
  • Maintain the attention and interest of your audience, spectators and speakers
  • Lighten the load when presenting information, and relax the atmosphere
  • Create a break, allowing you to 'breathe' for a moment... using art and humour!
  • Represent your topic, making it less abstract
  • Structure the event: introducing the themes, moving from one speaker to the next
  • Humanise the communication through the subjectivity of the drawing
  • Offset your speech, give a different perspective (that of the outsider, the neophyte, the 'artist')
  • Cement certain points in the memory through the impact of the image
  • Emphasise, get a key idea across (which can be communicated to the cartoonist beforehand)
  • Flag up a certain detail, attract our attention to something that might have gone unnoticed
  • Summarise long developments or a situation through a drawing
  • Raise a smile or laugh from the audience and/or the speaker (perhaps making him or her more 'friendly'!)
  • Convey a positive image of the organising body (ability to be self-depreciating)
  • Ex-press ('relieve the pressure of') the audience's feelings, through representation
  • Dare to say what remains unsaid, or to ask that naïve or 'fatal' question - what everyone is thinking or perhaps nobody has thought of
  • Temper an idea that is too unequivocal
  • Conclude in a positive manner

Specific, very practical uses

  • Welcome the participants, guests, audience
  • Capture their attention
  • Ask them to switch off their mobile phones
  • Remind the speakers to keep to their allocated time
  • Encourage them to speak closer to the microphone
  • Explain a communication procedure applied during the meeting
  • Call the room to order in a nice way
  • Announce a break, lunch, etc.
  • Fill a gap (due to a technical problem, for example)
  • Help a speaker in difficulty - having trouble making themselves understood, being heckled, losing their place in their notes
  • Pay tribute to those who cannot be there
  • Thank the participants in an original way
  • Communicate a reference website or e-mail address to be noted down
  • Invite the participants to a drinks reception
  • Provide a set of illustrations for any meeting reports or
  • Give a gift or reward to the participants: caricature, original drawing, etc.
In the case of a less formal event:
  • Amuse, provide humour, laughter, surprise, a touch of originality
  • Promote communication (the drawings will prompt reactions, get people to move around, etc.
  • Encourage a sense of relaxation in circumstances that can sometimes become 'stilted'
  • Bring the participants together around a drawing (created with them, for example)
  • Offer participants the pleasure of seeing themselves or their friends being caricatured
  • Respond to requests from guests, participants or attendees
  • Provide a souvenir (the drawings can be given to the participants)
Other benefits


Benefit idea 1
Give your speakers an original drawing!
If conditions allow me to install a scanner, the drawings will be available immediately after the session.
Benefit idea 2 Display memories of your event in your office!
If you choose this option, you will have original drawings to keep (around forty for one day).
Benefit idea 3 Bring the event to life on the Web
Participants will be able to access drawings conveying your messages on a Web page after the event.
Benefit idea 4 Use the drawings to enhance your meeting reports
Work with me and benefit from the de facto right to use the drawings in any form of report closely linked to your meeting, at no extra cost.

Benefit idea 5
Option : production of illustrations prior to the event
Why not use drawings to enhance your communications prior to the event? This can be a good 'teaser'!
Benefit idea 6
Option: creation of a compendium
Gather all the drawings in a book to offer your participants - a good means of communication and an original souvenir!


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