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The principles of live cartooning animation


The principle

The idea is to make plenary sessions more dynamic by projecting live cartoons produced on the spot by a cartoonist working in the control room, on stage or in the auditorium, inspired by the themes, context, speakers' ideas, audience reactions and general atmosphere. The cartoons are shown via a fixed camera connected to a projector. This will create an element of surprise, make the atmosphere more relaxed and capture the audience's attention by making them laugh, think or applaud, emphasise certain topics, facilitate the structuring of the event and leave everyone with good memories. It will not encroach upon the timing: around forty interventions, lasting just a few seconds, over the whole day. Finally, the cartoons created will be made available to the organisers and will constitute a bank of illustrations which can be used for reports, Web pages, internal press articles, etc.


Who for ?


You have been tasked with organising a meeting (conference, debate, training session, etc.) involving on-stage speakers and an audience. This could be a formal event or a promotional meeting. In one scenario, you may be looking to create a casual atmosphere, with the cartoons acting as 'the icing on the cake': they will serve as a visual aid for expressing and remembering ideas, or perhaps re-focusing your participants' attention... In another scenario, you might know that the topics to be dealt with are abstract, complex, delicate or even 'too serious'. There might be a risk of the audience getting bored or discouraged from participating. You might have a very busy agenda and foresee a long meeting with heated debate. You might worry that the atmosphere will be too tense (increased stress for the speakers, a restless audience), or too relaxed (speeches that lack relevance, low level of responsiveness, general disinterest). You are looking for an effective and original way of enhancing the meeting via a medium that 'makes a mark' and can be used to illustrate subsequent communication on the event (reports, website, articles, etc.). Live cartoons offer you a multi-faceted solution.

On-stage speakers

You will need to communicate with other participants (colleagues, audience members, etc.) during a 'serious' event. Your goal is to convey a message in the clearest possible way, irrespective of whether your audience is familiar with your subject. You will have to maintain their attention, especially if dealing with an abstract or complex subject, and you are aware that you are just one in a long line of speakers. You would also like your audience to enjoy your presentation and you want to create an atmosphere conducive to debate and reflection, making you feel more relaxed and ensuring that you get your message across. Illustrations, whether drawn 'live' during your speech or included in your presentation beforehand (slides, PowerPoints, handouts...), are a great communicational enhancer.

Facilitators / moderators

You have been tasked with facilitating a debate, leading a training session or presenting a televised broadcast. You are looking for an unusual and effective tool that will capture the participants' attention, establish an atmosphere conducive to participation, highlight certain aspects of the theme dealt with or facilitate the sequencing and introduction of topics. Nevertheless, you wish to proceed with care and keep control of the structure and content being put across. Moreover, you do not want your reputation to be tainted by choosing to work with the wrong people. This is totally understandable... Provided that effective briefing is given prior to the event, live cartoons will be a source of great satisfaction and, I hope, pride at having taken this initiative. In addition to the communicational advantages of cartoons, which have become my specialist area since 1999, my knowledge of the best times at which to intervene and my upbeat tone will guarantee a smooth operation. Many of my clients will attest to this...

Idea Aster
Aster can be with you for several days: during a business convention, alternating between group work, plenary sessions, team-building activities and entertaining, cartoons will surprise and relax your participants, at the same time emphasising the important themes. They will also provide a bank of illustrated memories that the participants will want to keep and that can be used to enhance the meeting reports.

Participants looking at the cartoons


Aster drawing in the  control room


Happy client drawn at a congress

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